Proposal Writer 2016 is a what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) form. I have designed it to look like a sheet of paper that most technicians and salesmen are used to filling out. The form is designed to be customized to the user information with a straight forward approach. The form can be made to look like your stationary with your company name and information filled out. You can then fill out the rest of the form by directly typing onto the form or inserting previously stored data. Then the form can be printed or emailed using the PDF format. This format locks the form and data so the end user can not modify your proposal or invoice.


     I have designed the data to be stored on your computer in xml file format. This is just a text file that can be opened with any text editor or viewed using internet explorer. This is so that storing data does not require you to have any third party software like Microsoft Access. The data tools that come with the program will allow you to edit the data files.


  1. JPEG or BMP image file-types can be used as a logo or just type name of your company.
  2. Save as PDF format so the user can not change the proposal or invoice.
  3. Save as CHC format for later edits and changes based on changes of the proposal.
  4. Writes out the total job cost in long word format.
  5. Automatically figures the tax and sums the total of all the parts and labor.
  6. Numbers the proposal/invoice based on the last proposal/invoice number.
  7. Uses the WYSIWYG format for easy learning.
  8. Saves the data to XML file format.
  9. Can automatically sign and date the invoice before printing using a stamp signature.
  10. Converts the current proposal over to invoice with just a click of the mouse.
  11. Allows for showing the cost break down or just one price with just a click of the mouse.
  12. Saves the current invoice info into XML file that will restore the file even if the current setting in the property page changes.
  13. Uses the power of Adobe PDF reader to print and view the form.
  14. Can be easily emailed to your customer and opened with free Adobe Reader.
  15. Three ways to populate the form 1st (Manual Mode), 2nd (Wizard Interface), 3rd (Select Data mode).
  16. Allows custom or previuous saved details to be added on additional details page.
  17. Legal Terms and Conditions page can be added with one click of the mouse to proposal.
  18. The Job Cost Tab will automatic calculate the profit and lost of the job once the job is complete.
  19. The Service Contract tab will give you a contract for maintenance agreements.
  20. The program also has the ability to get up dates from the Internet.